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Specialized in manufacturing Blue Safety Gloves, Black Polycarbonate Safety Eyewear, Black Welding Helmet, Industrial Safety Helmet, etc..

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About Us

Delta Plus India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Delta Plus Group SA, with headquarters and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Kolkata. Our company was founded in the year 2004, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) for critical safety applications in a variety of industries. Customers from various sectors such as heavy and light industries, hygiene, oil and gas mining, wind industries, second work/craftsman, construction/civil engineering, service/logistic and agriculture/green areas, etc. prefer to buy from us.

Our production plant is spread over an area of the 3.2 acre production plant, which is equipped with the best and most up-to-date technology machines. Customers get top-class level PPE solutions at low prices which we are capable to produce because of our 9500 square meters warehouse, reliable logistic service, and a well-established distribution network across India. We have been offering Sleeveless Reflective Safety Jackets, Full Body Adjustable Safety Harness, Plastic Ear Protection, Disposable Non Woven Coverall and a lot more products.

We have been protecting people at work for more than 40 years by designing a complete line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that covers the entire body. Our product line comprises personal protective equipment (PPE) for the head, body, hands and feet, as well as fall arrest devices. We are a national player, chosen for its multi-specialized global offer, range of innovative and inexpensive goods, and proximity to its partners, thanks to its knowledge, R&D investment, production facilities, wide reach and services.

The Value Products

We create our products with the goal of giving the user more for the least amount of money invested. Our strategic business units analyze user needs and demands in order to provide products that address workplace dangers. Delta Plus (India) Pvt. Ltd. can supply tailored PPE solutions with comfort, aesthetics, and all necessary services for the most specialized to the most technical needs.


R&D is an important component of our overall strategy. We believe that any company that want to survive in the market must invest in their research and development. Consider the same, we leave no stone unturned to strengthen our market image.We believe that any company that want to survive in the market must invest in their research and development. Consider the same, we leave no stone unturned to strengthen our market image. We rely on a research and development staff working with us. We invest 4 million euros each year to:

  • New product development to cater to wider needs in an exceptionally well manner.
  • Keep a network organization with expertise centers (plastics, textile, mechanics, respiratory, shoes, project engineering, safety equipment for building).
  • Construct internal research labs (7,000 test hours per year).
  • Form long-term ties with specialists and outside firms.
  • Maintain our quality management labels in compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Develop products that are reliable and worth the money of customers.

Our Organization Sale Expertise

  • We have hired techno-commercial representatives who are closest to the consumers.
  • Orders and after-sales assistance are handled by skilled call centers.
  • Sales force training is also given by us.
  • We have specialists to advise and assist customers with PPE selection.
  • Training and service through our DPG Training.

The marketing serves the reputation of the brand which is why we focus on Catalogues of technical information with extensive documentation, websites that are comprehensive, e-learning, tutorials and video, chemical protection search engine and social media sites.


The mission of our company is to keep employees safe at work. In order to attain this mission, our team uses their expertise, ingenuity, adaptability, and a pioneering spirit to design, manufacture, and market a complete line of personal protective products such as Full Body Adjustable Safety Harness, Sleeveless Reflective Safety Jackets, Plastic Ear Protection, Disposable Non Woven Coverall,  etc.

Our Vision

Our ideals are built around four pillars:

  • Entrepreneurship: Always prioritize flexibility, reactivity, and efficiency.
  • Family Company: Humanity occupies a vital position in our work. Direct communication and interaction are essential and we work in accordance with the same.
  • Curiosity: Being global, cosmopolitan, and open-minded is a huge plus when it comes to achieving success.
  • Long-term Oriented: Providing a 10-year vision and constantly prioritizing the long term.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to supplying superior quality items like Disposable Non Woven Coverall, Full Body Adjustable Safety Harness, Plastic Ear Protection,  Sleeveless Reflective Safety Jackets, etc. to our customers in order to maintain the reputation we have built over the years. The following are the factors that have contributed to our organizations success:

  • Customers can pay us by flexible modes as we accept payment via various platforms.
  • Timely shipment of consignments is guaranteed by us and we have never failed in meeting deadlines.  
  • We have a wide network reach and are supported by reliable logistics associates as well.
  • Ethical business strategies and transparent dealings are two major reasons that make us an ideal choice to have deals.

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